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Business Resume - Nataraj Hauser

Nataraj “Charles” Hauser

Madison, WI 53704

Summary of Qualifications

Business Liaison/Manager with exceptional record of delivering cost effective, high performance technology solutions to meet challenging business demands. Qualifications in all facets of information systems methodology from conceptual design and cost/benefit analysis through documentation, implementation, user training, quality review, and enhancement.  Exceptional liaison skills bridging business people with IT developers.

Recent Work History 

Currently engaged in a short contract for Hovde Properties, Inc., Madison, WI, providing enhancements to their Maintenance SaaS processes and configuration to enable more effective management reporting and assessment of trouble spots. Positioning them for portfolio enhancement as new properties come on line.

Currently volunteering as Board President and Administrative Director for Cycropia Aerial Dance, a collectively run non-profit whose mission is is to foster artistic expression and creative movement through aerial dance, education, performance and other community-building activities. Cycropia has escalated its performance and fundraising activities to put on higher quality shows and to move away from an all-volunteer status to paying its external helpers as well as dancers, choreographers, and all the other administrative tasks needed to keep the troupe functioning smoothly. Duties include performance budgets, coordinating volunteer activities, securing outside resources, fundraising through corporate sponsorships, and coordinating publicity activity.

Two back-to-back short-term contracts as Business Analyst with Hovde Properties.  Responsible for assisting with configuration, deployment, and training on property management software (specifically the module dealing with property maintenance).  Work with SMEs to properly understand the ramifications of implementation choices, setup configuration, and assist with roll out to staff on desktop and mobile platforms. Also took point on rolling out residential property marketing pages with a third-party provider.

Owner/Artist photographer with my own studio in downtown Madison.  eyeDance Studio Photography is rapidly developing into one of Madison’s finest portrait studios.  Also provides product photography for small businesses in the region.

Employed contract-to-hire at Cygnus Business Media as a Digital Operations Manager, the liaison between a large business unit and the IT development staff.  All proposed changes to digital content on the numerous web sites filtered through me to development to ensure proper solutions to business needs, and all completed development work had quality assurance (QA) performed by me before being released.  Hired, budget concerns led to downsizing.  

Employed by Advantage Technical Resources as a contractor working for Avid Technology in Madison, WI.  I was a Software Quality Assurance Engineer responsible for testing Avid's Broadcast Automation suite.  Worked in concert with the developers to ensure that only thoroughly-tested code is released to customers, for both smoke tests and full regression testing.  Avid closed the Madison office in 2012.  

Own and operate eyeDance Photography, a small but successful studio in Downtown Madison. Responsible for all aspect of the business including photography, billing, marketing, purchasing, and most especially customer relations. Many testimonials speak to my acumen. 

1996 through Feb. 2009
Employed at Famous Footwear, a nation-wide retailer of name brand shoes and accessories. Most recent role as Transportation Analyst providing sound analysis of actual and estimated costs for all in/outbound shipments to Dir. of Transportation and VP of Logistics.  Prior role as liaison between the Logistics and Information Systems departments providing concise definitions of business challenges or opportunities. Worked closely with the IS staff to select and implement appropriate solutions to those opportunities. Responsible for significant increases in productivity and product velocity at our distribution facilities. Have also designed, coded, tested, configured, and implemented three warehouse management systems over the past 15 years, with no significant disruption to business. A complete Logistics Liaison position description can be found below.   


Consistently received favorable reviews for performance. Here are a few examples of official comments regarding my contributions:
"...fits the role of Liaison very well. He has been a valuable asset to the whole management team, not just for his technical knowledge, but for his operational knowledge and common business sense. organized and very eager to see projects and improvements come to fruition. He has developed his position into an important and integral part of Logistics. Associates and peers respect him for his overall knowledge of the 'big picture' and his common sense approach when dealing with people. He is an important member of the Logistics management team..."
- Current VP Logistics, Famous Footwear
"Every opportunity for learning is taken to broaden his operational knowledge. His interdepartmental effectiveness demonstrates a solid understanding of Famous Footwear's organization. When the focus shifted from building an IS solution for key Logistics goals to seeking a new Warehouse Management System package, Nataraj handled it competently, always with an eye on the goal of achieving increased Logistics productivity. He consistently floats new ideas for review, gracefully acknowledging ideas that won't work. His everyday conversation challenges those around him to look at their work differently." 
- Former VP Logistics, Famous Footwear
"...did a great job bringing the Lebanon Distribution Center design picture together. Produces original ideas; has an inquiring mind; shows imagination and originality of thinking. He has an ability to look at things with a different perspective. ...has a genuine concern for his coworkers and their well being. Able to accomplish tasks through employees; earns respect from others; gets their enthusiasm and cooperation. People look to Nataraj to provide direction."
- Director of IS Development, Famous Footwear
"...recognizes essential elements of a problem; uses good judgement with respect to relative importance and priorities. He kept the big picture in mind while planning task activity to resolve the smallest problems. Seems to enjoy having the responsibility to make decisions himself. I like the way he actively attempts to get the right people talking to each other to solve a problem. Excels in his ability to communicate."
- Director of IS Development, Famous Footwear

-Famous Footwear
Senior Programmer/Business Analyst. Worked on design, coding, testing, training, and implementation of 3 Warehouse Management systems; provided 7x24 support for two distribution facilities. 1989-1996

-PDQ Food Stores / Jasen Dane Companies
Computer Programmer and some operations as needed in the small 2-5 person shop. The business is primarily a convenience store chain, though the parent corporation also had other business that required systems on occasion. 1985-1989

-State of Wisconsin - Department of Health and Social Services
Computer Programmer, LTE position 1984-1985

Bookseller and Receiving Clerk 1980-1984

Madison Area Technical College - Assoc. Degree in Computer Programming 1982-1984
UW Madison - undergraduate courses in Computer Science.  1980-1982

Communicate the needs of the DC’s to the I.S. department and actively participate in the development of business solutions that directly affect logistics operations. Assists with project management from a DC standpoint.

Principal Responsibilities 
Monitor logistics systems and operations and seeks to continually enhance the value of the company’s inventory. Maintains a working familiarity with all functional aspects of the DC’s.
Work with other business area liaisons and the Investment Board to determine the strategic value and priority of all requested enhancements which exceed the work level defined as support.

Determines and defines business requirements and needs and assists with the development of project proposals defining requirements, and cost/benefit justifications.

Thoroughly researches business challenges in an effort to provide concise problem definitions. Works with IS support or development staff to analyze various alternative solutions and define scope. Assesses operational impact of proposed solutions.

Assists IS staff with development of test plans for new systems or modifications and manages user manual preparation. Communicates all system changes to the DC staff and management prior to the installation of the changes. Insures staff is ready for the changes.

Coordinates DC staff involvement with system testing procedures to ensure compliance with customer needs and the test plan.

Assists with the development of new operational procedures required by new or enhanced systems.
Job Skills and Requirements 
Background and experience to understand all functions in the DC environment. Must be technically competent to teach other personnel in all areas.

Must be able to analyze a problem, understand its component parts, and present them in a clear, concise manner. Communicate the problem to both IS personnel and the DC staff and management.

Required to use analytical ability to provide good judgment in decision making, demonstrate ability to reach conclusions logically and rapidly, and using common sense.

Effectively handle multiple tasks on a day-to-day basis.

Other General Requirements 
Imagination (creativity, idea generation, and adaptability). Provide alternate solutions based on technical systems as well as a thorough business knowledge.

Acceptance of responsibility and ownership of tasks. Willingness to assume duties which require the individual to extend himself (herself), both in ability and personal effort.

Proficiency in expressing thoughts and feelings in a concise and understandable manner in written or oral form. Must have good listener skills.

Independence and impartiality of mind; courage of convictions, willingness to take a stand.